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Donna Dukes is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She is a firm believer in the power of education and academic achievement. The daughter of a teacher and a rehabilitation counselor for the state of Alabama, who placed tremendous emphasis on the importance of education, academic achievement and service, Donna graduated as salutatorian of Woodlawn High School at the age of 16 in 1987, valedictorian, with Suma Cum Laude honors of Miles College at 20 in May of 1991, and immediately began giving back. Donna founded the Maranathan Family Learning Center and Academy, Inc. (MFLC & A, Inc.), a non-profit school and learning center for at-risk youth and adults in September of 1991.
To date, MFLC & A, Inc has serviced over 500 individuals, who could only be considered at risk, i.e., teens who have been suspended and expelled for violent and drug related offenses, dropped out due to repeated academic failures, and parental abuse and abandonment; adults who were forced to stop their pursuit of a high school diploma because life got in the way, e.g. unplanned pregnancies, sexual abuse, parental drug addictions, etc. MFLC & A, Inc. has also become a safe haven for teens, who are the victims of the increasingly pervasive bullying which plagues gay teens, and teens who are considered obese, by our image conscious society.   
In 2002, concerned over the number of young people she encountered who displayed, in her eyes, an undeserved sense of entitlement, coupled with inexplicable expressions of hatred for Caucasians, members of the gay community and an alarming practice of size prejudice, Donna with the financial backing and moral support of her mother, began working on STAND!, a documentary which, with emphasis on the pivotal role played by the students of Miles College, chronicles the events that preceded the civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2008, she founded Three D Productions, LLC, continued work on the documentary and began providing free, annual women’s empowerment expos for hundreds of women in Birmingham.
Donna credits her accomplishments to being blessed with great parents who instilled the importance of a strong work ethic, academic success, and faith. Donnas’ life goal is simple -- to help at-risk youth and adults attain their dream of earning a high school diploma; to improve self esteem, and to promote inclusiveness, acceptance and personal responsibility.
Donna is also the host of The Daily Bread with Donna Dukes on 610 WAGG, which airs from 6PM – 7PM Monday through Friday, and is one of the most beloved on-air personalities in radio.

Since forming SMTRG, Henry has forged into Television and Feature Film producing with projects both diverse and rich in spirt. A short list includes: Stand! A documentary chronicling the, 'Selective Buying Campaign,' in Birmingham Al. which sparked the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the early 60's. "Saltwater," a low budget feature directed by Award Winning director, Lise Swenson. The story follows a woman's journey of discovery during a visit to The Infamous, Salton Sea. "Alexander & Timothy," a feature documentary directed by Award Winning Director, Debra Wilson. "Alexander and Timothy," sets up the story of a man and wife, both diagnosed with schizophrenia, navigating through the mental health system in Oakland California. Other projects include, "Fort Knox," a scripted television comedy about a group of young Brooklynites on the verge to becoming Hip Hop sensations and The Crime/Reality docudrama, "K.O.B.K.," produced in conjunction with 40 Gunner Prods. 


Prior to SMTRG Partners, Henry served as Director of Talent Development and Recruiting for CNN Worldwide, helping recruit and develop talent as diverse as Anderson Cooper, Erica Hill, Soledad O'Brien, as well as the development of future stars including Thomas Roberts, Brianna Keilar and Brooke Anderson. Henry also served on the CNN's Diversity Council, designed to ensure a diverse array of on-air talent and opportunities throughout the CNN Worldwide networks. 


Henry has also worked as president and co-founder of MM media, a successful broadcast consulting and talent recruiting company servicing network, cable and syndicated outlets around the country. In addition, Henry held various executive roles with Don Fitzpatrick Associates, one of the largest broadcast news talent recruiting agencies in the country. 


Henry attended City College of San Francisco, majoring in Broadcasting and The Academy of Art University, majoring in fine art photography.




Bruce L. Nix, Jr. was born in Andalusia, AL. Bruce attended and graduated from Andalusia High School. After high school, he attended Alabama A&M University, where he graduated with a B.A. Degree in Telecommunications. Bruce currently works in broadcasting for a local news station as an award winning photojournalist, and is the owner of his own video production company, Undercover Entertainment, LLC. As the owner of his own company Bruce serves as a videographer, writer, producer, director, and editor.


Among some of his accomplishments is his coverage of the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver, Colorado, where then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama accepted the nomination to become President of the United States. Bruce has worked with clients such as Wells Fargo and Dr. Bill Cosby in Association Miles College. In his spare time, Bruce enjoys listening to music, watching sports, writing, and spending time with family & friends.

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